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"Thank you very much to your Company for their service from the sale of apricot kernels, really excellent service we are very grateful to you, the products I bought have arrived on time.

Regularly I will be buying bags of apricot kernels pounds, we are clients of you and we've bought about 10 bags of apricot kernels pounds, which is the best price you can give me? I would buy more from

thank you "

John Howe

"I have purchased these seeds from this place twice and I must say their service is great. I got my seeds in 2 business days!"

Best quality apricot seeds I have ever found, THANKS!" 
Jean -  Conway SC



"I wanted to thank you for providing this life altering product…
“I eat the apricot seeds every day. The future looks great for me and my family! Thanks again!”


Mark Flatley




“Since I have been taking B17 and apricot seeds, I have never felt better. I have energy, I'm focused and I have the attitude of a 30 year old (I'm 66). I consider them my miracle vitamins!”


Elaine Perriman,





"Monthly Specials"

"Monthly Specials"

Monthly Autoship
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Autoship is where you select to have your products
sent to you automatically every month. Being on
Autoship has four distinct advantages:

1) You get the Autoship price, which is the lowest price,
for your monthly order.

2) Your order is automatically processed on the same
date every month. No need to remember to re order.

3) You always know your products will be arriving on time, before you run out.

4) Cancel at any time

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your Autoship Order by sending an email to us at or you can call (918) 893-8017.